I will free you from EVIL

Thanks to a very powerful remote exorcism prayer...

Do you feel BAD regularly, without really understanding why, especially since you have already consulted a number of therapists?

Do you think you are a victim of black magic (feeling like someone wants to destroy you) or red magic (feeling of being bewitched/manipulated), and this is seriously disturbing you?

Do you feel that your body, your soul, and your spirit are disturbed/manipulated/possessed by negative energies that are ruining your life?

Do you feel like you're starting to lose control of yourself? Or maybe you have already lost it?

Do you feel dark presences/evil entities within you? around you ? on those around you? in your house/apartment?

You are tired of suffering and you would like to be free from EVIL (negative energies / evil entities), and especially from all the unpleasant symptoms that this causes in your daily life, such as:

- physical heaviness and procrastination

- chronic fatigue and insomnia

- negative emotions and thoughts

- fears and phobias

- anxiety attacks and generalized anxiety

- depression and sadness

- bipolar disorders

- tantrums or paranoia

- feeling of taking control of yourself, of going crazy


If you are experiencing just one of these symptoms, then I can (maybe) help you free yourself from the dark forces/negative energies that are sowing chaos in your life...

Who am I?

Loris Vitry

My name is Loris Vitry and I am a pagan exorcist priest (but also a magnetizer and geobiologist).

To understand who I am, let's look at some important details...

First of all, a priest is a religious "leader", that is to say someone who manages the rituals linked to spirituality, whatever the people, the culture or the society in which he evolves (a priest does not is therefore not necessarily Christian, because he can be Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, shaman, pagan, etc.).

A magnetizer is a therapist who masters the functioning of the energies of the body, soul and spirit, and knows how to balance them.

A geobiologist is a therapist who masters the functioning of the cosmo-telluric energies of Heaven and Earth, and he knows how to balance them, in harmony with the human being.

An exorcist is a priest (regardless of religion) who will use prayers to remove an evil entity that has taken possession of a person's body and spirit (this can range from a simple attack of anger or sadness which instantly changes a person's mood, to the full-blown attack of insanity/possession where the person completely loses control of themselves).

And finally, a pagan is a polytheistic believer, that is to say a person who believes in several gods.

Note that a pagan priest is not recognized by the Church (Catholics), nor by the Synagogue (Jews), nor by the Mosque (Muslims), because the attribute "pagan" is a rather pejorative, used by Christians and Jews, to designate a person who is neither Christian nor Jewish.

To designate a "pagan", Muslims instead use the term "disbeliever", one who has no religion (neither Jew, nor Christian, nor Muslim). Note that in certain more radical versions of the Koran, the "disbeliever" is the one who is not Muslim, which then includes Christians, Jews and all other religions.

So, I am a priest, exorcist, and pagan, who is more commonly called a druid in Europe, a shaman in America, a mage in the Middle East, a marabout in Africa, etc.

Why choose a pagan priest?

The druid, the shaman, the mage, etc., are rejected by Christianity, Judaism and Islam, because he practices a so-called polytheistic religion (believing in several gods), unlike Christianity, Judaism and Islam which are monotheistic religions (believing in one and only God).

The druid, the shaman, the mage, etc., therefore practice a religion associated with “Paganism”, “Shamanism”, “Wicca”, or even “High Magic”, which are not really religions, but rather philosophies which consist in particular of believing in several Forces.

On the one hand, they believe in cosmic Forces, that is to say the gods of Heaven, from Above, (the father of all gods corresponds to the one God of other monotheistic religions), but the real difference is their belief in the Telluric Forces, that is to say the gods on Earth, from Below (which are considered by monotheistic religions as evil forces).

Among the telluric forces, from below, we find for example:

- the animal gods (each animal species is governed by a totem animal)

- the Sun god (whose light gives life to the Earth and to all living beings on Earth)

- the goddess of the Earth (living and intelligent being commonly called "Gaia")

- the goddess of the Moon (considered the guardian angel of “Gaia”)

- the gods of the elements, also called the beings of Nature (each element is governed by elementals, subtle and intelligent beings mainly made up of a single element. Note that the human being is considered a water elemental , because it consists mainly of water at 60-70%).

- the dragon gods (dragons / wyverns / serpents are rejected and considered absolute EVIL by Christians, while they are adored and venerated by many other cultures, especially in Asia and India, because they are the symbol of the omnipotence of Nature, and in particular of rain, rivers, seas).


These differences in belief necessarily give rise to totally different rituals, protocols and prayers during an exorcism.

For example, a Christian priest will only invoke the Forces from Above, from Heaven, with for example: Almighty God, Archangel Michael, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Saint Benedict (patron of exorcists), etc.

The objective of a monotheistic priest (Christian, Jewish or Muslim) is therefore to invoke the Forces of Heaven to chase away the demons who act below, on Earth.

The pagan priest, the druid, the shaman, the great mage, etc., know that to fight against the EVIL which acts below, on Earth, it is certainly necessary to invoke the Forces of Heaven, coming from above, but it we must also and ESPECIALLY invoke the Forces from below, from the Earth, from Nature.

The pagan exorcist priest will therefore invoke the Forces of Heaven (Almighty God, Angels and Archangels of light, etc.), but he will also and above all invoke the Forces of the Earth (Totem animals, Elementals, Gaia, Sun, etc.).

The result is therefore very different…

And in general, the polytheist pagan exorcist priest succeeds where the monotheist priests (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) fail, because the Forces of Heaven are not always enough to drive out certain Forces below, on Earth.

NOTE: if like believers of monotheistic religions, you feel an aversion / fear for the Forces of Nature, below, on Earth, then I am not the right priest for you. On the other hand, if you feel a strong connection with the Forces of Nature, the elements, the trees, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth itself, then I am exactly the person you need.

What should I do before contacting me?

Here is what I specifically suggest you do BEFORE contacting me so that we can work together on your energetic and spiritual liberation:

1) Must consult your doctor regarding health matters, and follow his advice and medical treatment, especially if you suffer from mental disorders.

2) Consult the priest of your church, your synagogue, your mosque or your temple, and ask him to pray to free you from EVIL.

3) Be sure to consult an energy healer you trust and who can receive you face-to-face, and ask them to pray to free you from EVIL.

4) Take a vacation, a few days of rest and get closer to Nature:

- go swimming in the sea (salt water is a powerful purifier)

- expose your body to the sun 30 to 60 minutes a day (the sun purifies bad energies)

- stop wearing sunglasses (the eyes are the doors to the soul, and the light of the Sun can chase away the bad energies found there)

- eat more unrefined sea salt during your meals (salt is a powerful purifier)

- eat more quality fresh meat (animal products promote physical grounding, emotional strength and psychological stability)

- eat 3 balanced meals throughout the day in order to balance your blood sugar (fasting is strongly not recommended for unstable/fragile people)

- stop all intense sports practices (cardio, swimming, weight training, etc.) and practice gentle and calm physical activities (stretching, slow walking, gardening, etc.)

- meditate on your breathing (slow down your breathing, without forcing, breathe slowly without noise, and ban all deep breathing exercises, pranayama, rebirth, sophrology, etc., because hyperventilation promotes stress and your vampirization)

- leave your home, especially if you live in a building, and go to a park, a forest, a garden, and put your bare feet on the ground (the Earth absorbs bad energies accumulated in the body and soul )

So !

And if after all that, nothing has worked, if you feel that you are still disturbed by negative energies (evil entities) which generate negative thoughts and emotions against your will, then it will be high time to contact me for a purification complete of your soul, of your place of life, and why not, of your physical body.

In the meantime, I invite you to read very carefully my free ebook, in which I reveal to you the great life lessons that I learned after having exorcised 1275 people (including 18 celebrities). I am sure that these lessons will help you better understand your situation, and how I will help you free yourself from EVIL.

In this ebook, I will also reveal to you an infallible test to know to what degree you are vampirized, and if you are the victim of black magic (destruction) or red magic (bewitchment).

I don't have time to read your ebook, I want to order an exorcism treatment now.