NOTE: In order to understand and interpret your results, you must personalize this report by replacing the "XX" results with your personal results indicated in the email you received.


You are about to discover an energy and spiritual assessment, carried out using a dowsing pendulum.

The pendulum is a tool rejected by science, medicine, and all religions, but embraced by exorcists, energeticians, druids, shamans, marabouts, mages, etc.

Please understand that this esoteric assessment is alternative and complementary to medicine, but in no case can it replace the official diagnosis of your doctor.

Furthermore, in no case can I be held responsible for your decisions and actions, following reading this report which gives very controversial advice.

So, please read this review, maintaining a critical mind, great discernment, and a cautious open-mindedness.

Take what vibrates with your heart, but reject anything that does not vibrate with you. Your heart knows what your mind does not, so please, trust it.


You are a multidimensional being composed of 7 bodies.

You are a visible physical body, but you are also an invisible energy and spiritual body, more commonly called the soul.

Your physical body is made up of cells, and your soul is made up of a mass of polarized atoms (positive and negative ions, the proportion of which depends on your vibrational level which you will discover below).

Your physical body and your soul are linked, because your body is actually the concentration/condensation of your mass of atoms (soul), which makes your physical body visible in our material dimension.

Note that just one of your cells is made up of approximately 1000 billion atoms which produce energy (low electric current), energy which gives life to your physical body.

Your physical body is therefore the visible part, and your soul is the invisible part of your being, and your soul is made up of 6 subtle bodies:

- your etheric body (this is where your vital energy or your fatigue circulates)

- your emotional body (this is where your positive or negative emotions circulate)

- your mental body (this is where your positive or negative thoughts circulate)

- your causal/karmic body (this is where your karma is stored, which corresponds to the negative energies that you have accumulated in the past of this life or your previous lives)

- your spiritual body (this is your consciousness which can be clear or obscured by an invisible entity)

- your divine body (this is your unconscious / subconscious that you can program yourself if you are conscious, or which is programmed by other invisible entities, if you are manipulated)

In each of your 7 bodies is stored a certain quantity of negative energies, which simply generate EVIL, darkness, pain, suffering.

The objective of each human being is therefore quite simply to purify their entire being (physical body and soul), and therefore to free themselves from EVIL in all its forms.

NOTE: what we call your spirit corresponds to your last two subtle bodies (spiritual and divine), and are integral parts of your soul.

During the assessment, we will therefore measure with a dowsing pendulum how much negative energy is accumulated in your different bodies.

To simplify the measurements, we will only make 2 overall measurements:

- a measure for your visible physical body (when the soul is too charged, it is the physical body that takes over and stores / somatizes negative energies).

- and a global measurement for your invisible soul (we will not detail the energy state of each of your 6 subtle bodies, because negative energies can circulate and express themselves in the different layers of the soul, for example the karmic body to the emotional/mental body, and vice versa).

NOTE: the result obtained is in Coulomb, a unit of electrical charges, often used to measure the capacity of a battery. In truth, the human being is also a battery, which can store either positive energy (in the form of electrons, particles of light, Life), or negative energy (in the form of positrons, the antiparticles of the electron, antimatter, Death).

NOTE 2: I also use astronomical power measurements because often the electrical charges are very high. For example, 10 to the power of 12 means that the result is equivalent to 1 with 12 zero behind it, i.e. (1,000,000,000,000). Other examples, 1 million corresponds to 10 to the power of 6, 1 billion corresponds to 10 to the power of 9, and so on.

Our exorcism prayer will therefore simply consist of purifying / neutralizing negative energies (positrons), with positive energy (electrons), whether in your physical body, in your soul, or even in your home.

Our exorcism prayer will also and above all consist of purifying your karmic links, to avoid receiving negative energies from the people / egregores with whom you are linked. To do this, our exorcism prayer will also purify/neutralize the negative energies associated with your karmic ties (but it will be up to you to cut them in real life).

Now let's see the measurements you got.

Vibrational level of your soul: ?? %

NOTE: your soul is made up of polarized atoms, positive or negative ions, which emit a vibration (electromagnetic field), and which produce light energy (electrons) or dark energy (positrons).

The vibrational level indicates the share of light energy (negative ions) and dark energy (positive ions) that your soul produces, and therefore the percentage of vampirization of your soul.

NOTE: in physics, a so-called negative ion actually corresponds to an atom of light, it is therefore positive in the sense that it brings energy, light, Life. And a so-called positive ion corresponds to an atom empty of energy, it is therefore negative in the sense that it steals/destroys Life. For example, the air of a forest is often charged with negative ions (energy carriers), which is positive, while the polluted air of a city is rather charged with positive ions (energy thieves), which is negative for your being.

So, if your vibrational level is for example 40% (to be adapted according to your result), this means that your soul is luminous at 40%, that is to say it shines, radiates, illuminates, at 40%.

We could also say that your soul is made up of 40% positive atoms (negative ions) which produce Life, light, energy.

But this also means that your soul is 60% dark, it is replaced, blocked, extinguished, by 60% negative energies.

We could also say that your soul is made up of 60% negative atoms (positive ions) which steal/destroy Life, and therefore generate darkness, suffering, illness and Death.

These negative energies (black energies) can be: toxins, fatigue, negative emotions and thoughts, erroneous and limiting beliefs, conscious or subconscious blocks, karma (negative energies accumulated in the past), evil entities, electromagnetic pollution (relay waves, wifi, 4G, 5G), etc.

When an individual displays a vibration level between 51 and 99%, we say that he is partially vampirized, but he still maintains conscious control of his body/soul, because it is predominantly luminous (over 50%).

In this case, the individual may temporarily experience fatigue, sadness or anger, but nothing pathological.

When an individual displays a vibration level between 20 and 49%, it is said that his soul is replaced by an evil entity, he no longer has total control of his body / soul / spirit, because it is manipulated, directed, controlled ( most of the time, he is not aware of it, he even thinks he is perfectly in control of his life, when all his thoughts/emotions/feelings are in truth manipulated).

In this case, the individual may experience recurring negative thoughts and emotions, a regular depressive state, anxiety for no reason, generalized anxiety, bipolar attacks (alternating between anger, joy, extreme sadness), and all kinds of mental problems, which can vary in intensity depending on each individual.

When an individual displays a vibration level below 20%, he is said to be possessed by an evil entity, he has lost control of his body/soul, because he has become the puppet/host of an evil entity who now does what she wants, without any possible resistance.

In this case, the individual is fully aware that there is a big problem in his life, as he may experience severe bipolar attacks, schizophrenia, paranoia, hallucinations, and all kinds of severe mental problems, without being able to do anything about it, apart from taking medication. The more the individual is possessed, the less power he has over his soul (energy, emotions, thoughts, karma, etc.).

NOTE: with our pendulum, we discovered that on January 1, 2024, 85% of the world's population is replaced by more than 50%, that is to say that 85% of people are manipulated / controlled without being aware of it (all their thoughts, emotions, mental films, sensations, etc., are not their own, but those of evil entities that partially replace their soul).

But that's not all, 65% of the population is more than 80% possessed, that is to say that 65% of people are no longer themselves, but hosts for the evil entities that control them almost completely. We therefore live among evil entities which already express themselves through 65% of the world's population (if this is your case, rest assured, you can free yourself quickly).

Please note, these statistics may vary depending on country and age. “Poor/underdeveloped” countries are more impacted than “rich” countries, because poor nutrition (starvation, poor quality food, polluted drinking water, etc.) promotes vampirization, and older people are more impacted than young people, because the majority of people accumulate more and more negative energies over time, rather than freeing themselves from them.

Interpreting your result

Between 0 and 20% : your soul is made up mainly of positive ions, that is to say energy-stealing atoms, we then speak of a radioactive soul, in the sense that it diffuses negativity around it, while stealing the energy of their loved ones. For example, a toxic individual often disrupts those around them, while stealing their energy. We also speak of a possessed soul, because the individual has no control / no power over his thoughts, emotions, fears, decisions, he is totally manipulated by the evil entities who vampirize him. In this category, we find all individuals who suffer from their negative thoughts and emotions, without being able to do anything to stop them. The thoughts then often become obsessions, phobias, or even paranoia.

In some cases, a possessed/replaced individual may appear outwardly very happy, but it is just that the evil entity replacing their soul, is actively using it to expand and maintain the evil matrix (by creating karmic bonds, or by participating in the system).

NOTE: As a teenager, I personally experienced this state of mind, and it was a great suffering for me. But after years of fighting, today I have freed myself, and I know exactly what to do to free you too. If you are in this situation, rest assured, there is nothing serious, because you can get out of it very quickly.

Between 20 and 50% : your soul is replaced by an evil entity. You have lost control of yourself, you are being manipulated, but your soul still has resources to change its polarity. For example, in this category, we find the majority of people who have temporary “crises”, whether of anger, jealousy, sadness, euphoria, fatigue, etc. Crises are actually the manifestation of evil entities present in the soul.

If you are in this situation, you can get out of it very quickly, because you still have enough energy to regain control of your soul in full awareness. At this level, a few wise decisions are enough to regain control to more than 50%.

Between 50% and 80% : your soul is mainly made up of negative ions, which give energy. So you are a luminous person, but you are regularly confronted with negativity that tries to drag you below 50% to take control of your soul. In other words, you regularly suffer attacks from evil entities who try to manipulate your thoughts and emotions in order to push you into EVIL (religions speak of temptations). But overall, you remain rather stable, without having major crisis.

If you are in this situation, you must do everything to raise and maintain your vibration level close to 100%, because EVIL will do everything to make you fall below 50% in order to take control of your soul.

Between 80 and 100% : your soul is slightly vampirized, but in general, you have the mindset of a warrior to never sink into negativity, even if life presents you with major challenges. Indeed, the most luminous people are often the most “attacked” by evil entities, but these individuals never give in in the face of EVIL.

However, extreme vigilance is necessary to avoid falling. Indeed, the attacks can be so violent that these individuals can fall and abandon spiritual combat, which pushes them below 50%. As long as you are not free from your karmic bonds (vibration level of 100%), extreme vigilance and discernment are necessary to avoid falling.

Whatever your vibrational level, an exorcism prayer will be beneficial to you, because we will deeply cleanse / purify your soul of all negative energies, which will relieve or even eliminate all forms of crisis / evil manifestations.

NOTE: the vibration level is a very representative measure of your state of mind, but it is also a very fluctuating measure. For example, if you go to a very toxic place, loaded with positive ions (energy thieves), such as a supermarket, an old shop, an enclosed place (unrenewed air, no sun, etc.), there is a good chance that your vibration level will drop by around 20-40%. It also fluctuates greatly depending on the people you hang out with.

Your vibrational level is therefore very sensitive to your immediate environment (place, people, etc.). This is a very positive point, because it means that by quickly optimizing your environment (more nature, more sun, more fresh air, better company, more happy solitude, etc.), your vibrational level can quickly increase. This is the reason why everyone feels much better on vacation (at the sea, in the mountains, in the sun, etc.), or with spiritual people.

However, as the vibrational level is very fluctuating to follow your long-term energy and spiritual evolution, we now use a much more stable measurement: the purity rate. The purity rate does not vary depending on your environment, but represents your overall state over the years (we will talk about it again at the end of this assessment). First, let's figure out how much negative energy is accumulated in your soul.

Negative energies accumulated in your soul: 10 power XX Coulomb

Using the pendulum, it is possible to accurately measure how many negative electro-magnetic charges are currently accumulated/blocked in your soul.

For information, everything is energy, and negative energy (in the soul) can correspond to:

- a limiting belief (conscious or unconscious) in your divine body

- an evil entity in your spiritual body

- karma in your causal body (EVIL done or suffered in the past)

- negative/obsessive thoughts in your mental body

- negative emotions/trauma in your emotional body

- fatigue in your etheric body (note that fatigue is not the absence of light energy – that is to say electrons, but rather the presence of dark energy – that is -say positrons It is therefore not a question of increasing your light energy, but rather of freeing yourself from dark energy)

Everything that has just been listed therefore generates negative energy and therefore toxic vibrations.

The result obtained therefore corresponds to the totality of the negative energies accumulated (in Coulomb) during all your past incarnations, until today.


Over the years, I have observed a phenomenon of communicating vessel, which I also call “energetic harmonization”, where energy (positive or negative) harmonizes with everything to which you are connected.

Let's see this in detail.

First of all, you must know that in your soul, it is your karmic body which mainly serves as storage, the other subtle bodies do not store negative energy (or just temporarily), but simply allow their circulation / expression.

For example, your negative emotions circulate in your emotional body, your negative thoughts circulate in your mental body, but your thoughts and emotions (also called mental and emotional electromagnetic charges) are stored, either in your karmic body or in your physical body (somatization).

Your karmic body is therefore connected to your other subtle bodies, and your negative energy therefore circulates on your “lower” bodies (except in the physical body where there is storage/somatization).

There is therefore a link between your body and your different subtle bodies, but there are also links to the outside of your soul.

Indeed, your karmic body is also connected to other souls, through karmic links. And surprisingly, the more karmic links you have, the more you reduce the negative charge on your own subtle bodies (effect of communicating vessel and energetic harmonization).

This explains why the most toxic people (heavy karma) are often very social and sociable, and like to form many new karmic relationships, because this allows them to discharge/harmonize (unconsciously) their excess negative energy.

Indeed, we observe that if a toxic person does not maintain numerous karmic links, excess negative energy will accumulate mainly on their physical body, which quickly causes illness and accelerated aging.

Example: a depressed person calls their best friend, and pours out their negativity for an hour on the phone. At the end of the conversation, she feels better, but her best friend feels bad. Everyone has already experienced this example from daily life, and it perfectly illustrates the principle of the communicating vessel. During the exchange, there was transfer and balancing of negative energies. And in your entourage, there are inevitably people with whom you feel worse after your exchange, whether it is a client, a friend, a family member, or a stranger.

In the same way, if a person who has suffered trauma tells their story/suffering to many people, this will allow them to discharge the negative energy they have accumulated, at the expense of the people who will listen and absorb it. some of the negative energy. Whereas a single, solitary person, who tells no one (or very few people) about their trauma, ends up suffocating under the weight of negative energy, which often turns into illness (somatization).

NOTE: the real solution is neither to tell everyone about it, nor to keep it to yourself, but to pray to the positive energies of light, to relieve your burden. This then creates neither karmic links nor “somatic” illnesses.

Thus, negative energy circulates as in a communicating vessel, that is to say, it balances according to the surrounding links/connections.

We therefore understand here the extreme urgency of purifying your karma, but ESPECIALLY of cutting all your karmic ties, in order to no longer receive negative energy from other souls.

Because be sure, if you regularly associate with “negative” people who use you to relieve their suffering, you will NEVER be free.

And the worst part is that you don't even need to be around them, because a karmic connection automatically transfers negative energy, even if you are located on the other side of the planet.

NOTE: many people run away from their parents, their ex-husbands, their ex-wives, their families, their colleagues, by traveling to another city, and even to another country, except that this does not necessarily cut their karmic ties , which will continue to trouble them, even if they live alone on the other side of the world, in a sacred temple located deep in the Himalayan mountains.

Exactly, we will see in the next chapter how many karmic links weigh on you, but first, let's see the interpretation of your result.

Interpretations of your result

Below 10 to the power of 50 , we can say that you are a “beautiful soul”, with rather light personal karma. In other words, you are rather aligned with God and his values.

Between 10 p. 50 and 10 p. 150 , we can say that you have “normal” karma, like the majority of people. You function like the majority of people, giving in to the same temptations, and creating the same suffering.

Beyond 10 p 150 , we can say that you have karma above normal. In other words, you behave in a way that causes suffering, and your actions and decisions cause suffering to you and others. At this point you are not well aligned with God, because you are partially acting for EVIL.

Be careful, it is possible that in this life, you are aligned with GOD, because your past sufferings have taught you life lessons. But this measurement represents all of your karma, from this life, but also from past lives.

This corresponds to your personal karma, now let's look at the karma generated in common, with "partner" souls, also called karmic links.

Number of karmic links: XX

Negative energies linked to your karmic links: 10 power XX Coulomb

As soon as you meet a person, a group, an egregore, that you form a friendly, professional or romantic relationship, and that there is common suffering (conflicts, reciprocal negative emotions and thoughts, soul wounds, attachment, judgment, etc), then this automatically creates a karmic bond.

NOTE: energetically, suffering corresponds to a “loss of energy”, and therefore to a reduction in the number of electrons, and automatically an increase in the number of positrons (antimatter). Vacuum does not exist in the universe, the loss of light energy (life) automatically corresponds to a gain of dark energy (death).

A karmic link is therefore like a chain that connects you energetically to another soul (a soul is not necessarily human, because a company or a religion also has a soul, which is rather called an egregore).

A karmic link implies above all that all the negative energies which are on you can circulate towards the other person, but that all the negative energies of the other person / egregore can also circulate towards you.

The more karmic ties you have, the more you suffer for no apparent reason, the more tired you are, because you bear the weight of negative energies coming from other people with whom you are connected.

The fewer karmic bonds you have, the more you feel free, happy, in control of your life, serene, in good shape, at peace with yourself, and at peace with others.

NOTE: for some very toxic individuals (they are not necessarily aware of it), it is the opposite, the more new and numerous karmic links they form, the better they feel, because this allows them to balance and reduce the charge of negative energy present on their soul (principle of communicating vessels). But there comes a day when this shaky solution is no longer enough to relieve suffering, and a violent crisis occurs which often causes devastating illness and the death of the individual.

Breaking a karmic bond already begins in real life, by cutting off certain relationships, and by having simple and healthy relationships that cannot generate conflict/pain.

Example: If you are in conflict with your husband/wife, maybe you should separate. If your credit generates repayment anxiety, you may need to repay it, or sell the item of credit. In truth, we should break all commitments that generate stress. The exorcist cannot help you here, because it is up to you to take action and break your toxic bonds in daily life. Unfortunately, more and more people are trapped in large karmic knots that sometimes require heavy sacrifices to free themselves from them (and unfortunately, the majority of these people prefer to endure suffering until death rather than sacrifice their comfort) .

Then, after breaking your karmic bonds in real life, you must purge the negative energies associated with these bonds (all the suffering that was generated in the past) in order to free yourself definitively.

This involves purifying all the karma linked to this bond, that is to say your karma, but also that of the soul with whom you are linked.

For example, if you insulted/hurt/judged an individual, you have accumulated karma (negative energy) in your own karmic body, but you have also generated karma in the other individual's karmic body.

To cut your karmic connection, you must not only purify your karma, but also the karma generated in the other. Only then does the karmic bond dissolve automatically.

Example: if you divorce and leave your wife/husband because of too many arguments. In appearance, you have broken the karmic link, that is very good, but in the invisible, the karmic link still exists (especially if you have had children), because it is necessary to purge all the negative energies associated with the suffering that you lived together. This is where the exorcist comes in, as it often takes an astronomical amount of positive energy to undo years of suffering (negative energies) related to your karmic ties.

Important note on karmic ties:

Our exorcism treatment will purify all the negative energies associated with your karmic links, that is to say the suffering (black energies) generated between the two parties.

For example, our treatment will purify all the suffering experienced in a toxic couple.

But our exorcism treatment will NOT cut the karmic bonds that take root in our material dimension, so you will have to act concretely.

For example, if you remain “married” to that same person, the karmic bond still exists, even if the suffering associated with the karmic bond has been purged.

So understand the nuance, the exorcist purges the suffering linked to the karmic link, but it is up to you to cut the link in real life.

Here are other examples of karmic bonds, which our treatment cannot break for you:

- the karmic bond of religious marriage

When we get married, we say “for better or for worse”, the worst being carrying your partner's karma on you, and having them carry yours.

To achieve spiritual liberation, you must break all marriage ties, even if everything is going well in your relationship. A sacred couple does not marry / do not bind, but evolves FREE in a faithful couple.

NOTE: it would seem that a non-religious contract (PACS), in separation of property does not generate karmic links, because there is no link of inheritance, nor any religious link.

- the karmic link of credit (debt)

When you take out a loan, you automatically bind yourself to the issuing bank (egregore) until you settle this loan.

In the same way, if you go into debt to a person (soul) who lends you money or materials, you also create a karmic bond with that soul.

To achieve spiritual liberation, you must pay off all your debts, and never take out credit again.

Also avoid relationships of gratuitous help, because under the guise of generosity, this will sooner or later create a feeling of accountability, in you, or in others you have helped. This feeling of always “owing to someone” traps your soul, or the souls you have helped.

- the karmic link of religion (sect)

All religions are egregores (souls built and nourished by the prayer of a group of souls) which generate a karmic link with the people who adhere to them through baptism or any other forms of enthronement / initiation.

To achieve spiritual liberation, you must consciously leave the religion or group to which you belong, to not belong to any religion, and in other words, not bind yourself to any egregore (soul).

- the friendly karmic link

All notions of friends, best friends, lovers, “special” relationships with another soul, are hidden karmic links.

To achieve spiritual liberation, you must not have any particular friend, but be friends with everyone. This nuance is essential to free yourself from all karmic bonds.

To cut a friendly karmic bond, do it gradually using distance, or professional constraints, so as not to cause suffering in your friend who will necessarily feel abandoned / betrayed / etc., which will then reinforce the karma and suffering of your karmic bond.

- the sexual karmic link

Multiple sexual relationships (libertinage) generate as many karmic links as partners.

At the moment there is penetration, a karmic bond is created, unless this penetration is “pure”, that is to say, carried out in a faithful and spiritual couple (not subject to destructive passion).

- the professional karmic link

If you are associated with one or more people in a business project, this generates a karmic link per person.

To achieve spiritual liberation, you must undertake alone, without an associate, in short, earn your daily bread with the sweat of your brow, and not with the sweat of the brow of your associates, otherwise you will also share their suffering (karma).

- the stock market karmic link

If you own a part, even just 1 euro, of the capital of a company listed on the stock exchange, you are linked to this company, for better (money), but also for worse (karma of the company).

This also applies to cryptocurrencies which are evil egregores intended to capture and bind human souls attracted by the lure of gain.

To achieve spiritual liberation, you must free yourself from all businesses (selling your stocks, and your cryptocurrencies), and simply work for a living (this goes against the teaching of rich investors, but like Jesus said: it is as difficult for a rich person to enter Paradise as for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle). It is also not a question of living poorly, but simply of working in exchange for an income, without being linked to other souls or to other companies (egregores).

- the real estate karmic link

Each real estate possession generates a karmic link, because you carry with you the karma of the real estate (memories of the walls).

Blessed is he who owns nothing, cursed is he who owns a rich heritage, because his karmic burden is immense, especially if this heritage is made up of vacation accommodation where the worst vices are regularly poured out by vacationers.

Cursed is also the one who is heir to a heritage, because the karma of the heritage is automatically reflected on the entire lineage, you, but also your heir children.

NOTE: to give you an idea, one of our clients was the heir to a single apartment, located in one of the oldest buildings, but also the busiest in the city where he lived. This caused him years of intense suffering, caused by the evil entity that controlled this particularly toxic building (because this building is built on an old cemetery). His suffering ended when he separated from this apartment (by renouncing his inheritance to the notary – by making a donation during his parent's lifetime).

To achieve spiritual liberation, you must not own anything, otherwise you will carry the karma of all your possessions upon you, and therefore you will be dependent on the karma poured into them by your tenants.

In conclusion, breaking your karmic bonds is a real challenge, which is carried out in the invisible world thanks to energetic treatments, but also and above all in the visible world, by consciously freeing yourself from all your chains.

NOTE: If you own your home, you are tied to the karma of your home. If you do not wish to sell your property, then you can purify your house, and control that there is no more karma flowing into it, but the karmic connection will still exist in the invisible.

NOTE 2: if you own an apartment, then you are linked to the karma of the entire building, in short you carry a heavy burden. I invite you to sell as quickly as possible, and to buy / rent an individual house, to only carry the weight of the karma of your individual home, not that of an entire building.


Please, do not sell ANYTHING, do not separate from anyone, do not leave ANY group, do not reimburse ANYTHING, before you are fully aware of the suffering that each of your karmic links generates.

If you are happy with your real estate assets, please keep it (having money in a bank is not a karmic bond).

If you are happy with your wife/husband, despite the arguments, please stay together, especially if you have children (living as a sacred couple without arguments is not a karmic bond).

If you are happy with credit that allows you to buy a house, a car, a trip, etc., please continue to pay off your credit quietly.

If you are happy going to Sunday mass, or going to pray in your church/temple/mosque/synagogue/etc, please continue to pray in your religion.

If you are happy in your apartment, please stay there and enjoy all the benefits of living in a building.

All these karmic bonds must be made aware of BEFORE being broken. ESPECIALLY DO NOT cut them, just because I tell you that they are karmic ties.

Regardless, even though our exorcism treatment can purge all the suffering associated with your karmic bonds, I could not personally sever your karmic bonds in real life. You therefore ultimately remain the sole master of your life.

NOTE: be careful, I present here a very personal opinion on karma, an opinion which does not represent the absolute truth. Under no circumstances can I be held responsible for your actions following reading this report. Please use discernment and take responsibility by understanding the consequence of your actions (karma).

Interpreting your result

Below 20 karmic bonds , you are a "beautiful soul", having generated very little karma in common with other people. We could say that your relational suffering remained in the family, in a core very close to you.

Between 20 and 50 karmic links , you are within the “norm”, like the majority of people. Karmic links with members of your family, and some karmic links probably generated at work, outside your close relational core.

Between 50 and 150 karmic links , you have disordered social behavior, which causes suffering in your relationships. You very regularly take one of the toxic postures of the famous Karpman triangle (executioner, victim or savior). If you are in this category, you will need to do a lot of work on your social behavior, in order to no longer generate suffering in common with others. I explain how to do it in the FAQ section at the end of the review (it's about getting out of the Karpman triangle).

Beyond 150 karmic links , your personality is frozen in one of the toxic profiles of the Karpman triangle. You are clearly either the profile of an executioner, or of a savior, or of a victim. Systematically taking one of these profiles in one's social relationships obviously comes from past traumas (often during childhood, or during one's past lives).

The high number of karmic links can also come from numerous sexual relationships (libertinage), numerous real estate possessions (inheritance, assets), numerous professional contracts linking you to numerous people (credit, manager of large companies, etc.), etc.

In all cases, it will be necessary to work on your relationships by leaving all the toxic profiles of the Karpman triangle (executioner, victim, savior) in order to maintain healthy, fair and balanced relationships with everyone.

Number of entities that vampirize your soul: XX

The result indicates the number of evil entities from the upper and lower astral, which are vampirizing your soul.

Note that a soul replaced (vibrational level less than 49%), or totally possessed (vibrational level less than 20%), by an evil entity from the high astral (fallen god) is not always aware of it (silent vampirization) .

It is when the soul is vampirized by evil entities from the lower astral that the suffering becomes intense (acute vampirization).

A soul vampirized by an evil entity from the high astral can live its entire life without suffering (because this person contributes to the evil system set up by the evil entities).

NOTE: our exorcism treatment never directly targets the evil entities that vampirize you, because it is impossible to eliminate them. Rather than confront them, we prefer to close the doors through which they entered (by eliminating the negative energies accumulated in your soul and above all, by purging your karmic bonds).

NOTE 2: I no longer detail how many evil entities come from the low or high astral, because evil entities have a capacity for “transmutation”, that is to say they can modify their atomic structure to “change their appearance.” In other words, our measurements are always inaccurate as to the origin of evil entities, but one thing is certain... there is ALWAYS at least ONE evil entity from the high astral which is present in your soul, because its role is to control you in order to keep you in the “matrix”, that is to say in the “system” constructed by evil entities. Every time you try to escape from the matrix, this evil entity from the high astral will do everything to make you fall.

Vibration level of your house: XX%

The vibrational level of your place of life indicates the share of positive/negative energy that is found in the place, and therefore its percentage of vampirization.

We also talk about karma of the place, memories of the walls, or even holy/haunted places.

The higher the vibrational level of your home, the more you feel good, calm and serene. Conversely, the lower the vibrational level of your place of life, the more you feel unwell, nervous, agitated, and the more you develop physical, emotional, and psychological problems, not to mention the many sufferings that can occur there.

As with human souls, a vibration level between 50 and 99% indicates partial vampirization, between 20 and 49% a soul replacement (toxic place), and between 0 and 19% a possession (haunted place).

NOTE: very often, a replaced/possessed soul between 0 and 49%, who lives in a toxic/haunted place between 0 and 49%, is not aware that they live in a toxic place. She even thinks she feels good there...

The objective is obviously to purify your living space in order to live in an atmosphere charged with positive energies (negative energy-giving ions).

NOTE: An apartment will always display the vibration level of the entire building, as an apartment is considered a part of a large house (building). Energetically, an apartment shares the karma of the entire building. The same for a semi-detached house, it will display the vibrational level of the entire building, because it shares the karma of all the houses “glued” to it. This is why I always advise my clients to live in a detached house.

NOTE 2: even if you purify a building, the vibrational level of the apartments located upstairs always drops (from the first floor), because you are physically moving away from the earth's magnetism. This explains the importance of anchoring, but especially of "grounding", the fact of having the feet always close to the earth's ground. This is why I advise all my clients to live in a single storey house.

Interpreting your result

Below 20% , your living space is very toxic, and can cause many physical, emotional, and psychological health problems.

Between 20 and 50% , your living space is toxic, and steals your energy, which causes chronic fatigue.

Between 50 and 70% , your living space is "normal", there is just a slight karma (memory of places) and environmental disturbances such as electromagnetic pollution from nearby relay antennas, or pollution from exhaust pipes ( car, road, etc.).

Above 70% , your living space is bright and recharges you.

Negative energies accumulated in your living space: 10 to the power of XX Coulomb
Using the pendulum, it is possible to accurately measure how many negative electro-magnetic charges are currently accumulated/blocked in the core of your home.

An exorcism treatment will aim at the total purification of your living space.


Previously, we no longer worked on apartments, because an apartment is actually a small part of a large house (building). In other words, you share the negative energies of all the inhabitants of your building. Purifying an apartment is effective in the short term, but ineffective in the long term, because the negative energies of the other occupants of the building will recharge the karma of the entire building and therefore of the apartment. To purify an apartment, you must therefore purify the entire building. This is what we do now during a purification of the living space. But in the medium/long term it is better to move to a detached house, because you cannot control the karma of other tenants/owners, who will continue to energetically pollute their accommodation and therefore all the apartments in the building.

Interpreting your result

Below 10 p.50 , your living space is within standards. Nothing to report. Purification will be easy.

Between 10p 50 and 10p 150 , your living space is very busy, and in general, it is either an old house having housed many generations of (suffering) families, or a building.

Beyond 10 p 150 , you live on what is called an old cemetery. All over the world, there are places which have been the spectacle of battles, wars, murders, but also official and unofficial burial places (false commune, etc.).

For example, I was born and raised on Reunion Island, formerly called Bourbon Island, which was a very hotbed of slave trading for all the countries of the Indian Ocean. In other words, thousands/millions of slaves transited/stayed on Bourbon Island, formerly managed by colonists. But where do you think the deceased slaves were buried? Well, they were buried almost everywhere, in mass graves, at the bottom of the gardens of large colonial houses, in ravines, etc. This is why I have worked with so many Reunionese clients who complained about their house being "haunted", when in truth, their house is simply built on an old slave cemetery, with all the suffering that comes with it. one can imagine. This mass of negative energy then generates a number of symptoms (insomnia, nightmares, electrical disturbances, strange noises, great psychological suffering of the inhabitants, etc.).

I give the example of Reunion, but in France, it is worse, with the countless battles and wars which have sometimes decimated entire cities. Certain French towns (close to the German border) are literally open-air cemeteries, and their current inhabitants are necessarily in great psychological pain.

Fortunately, a cemetery can "dissolve" with enough positive energy to "undo" the suffering that has been frozen in place.

Number of entities that vampirize your living space: XX

The result indicates the number of evil entities from the upper and lower astral, which vampirize the soul of your house / apartment / building / building.

The result obtained does not count those which are already vampirizing your soul.

The higher the number of evil entities living in your home, the more it indicates heavy karma and therefore a low vibrational level.

Note that these evil entities may have nothing to do with you, but with the former tenants/owners (unless it is a new home).

NOTE: if there are more than 10 evil entities vampirizing your living space, you are living in a place that is toxic for your physical, energetic and spiritual health. And if you live on an ancient cemetery, usually there are always more than 100 evil entities living there. These evil entities do NOT keep track of the number of departed souls, which often number in the hundreds of thousands. Note that ancient cemeteries are “portals” through which evil entities pass into our physical dimension (it is on these places that we can observe the most physical manifestations).

Health level of your physical body: XX%

Caution: This measurement is alternative. Please consult your doctor to obtain an official diagnosis of your state of health.

Thanks to the pendulum, it is possible to measure the overall functioning of your physical body, because all your cells emit a vibration.

As a reminder, your body is linked to your soul, because your body is the energetic condensation of your soul, and each of your cells is made up of approximately 1000 billion atoms.

The higher the atomic vibration of your cells, the better your health. The lower the vibration of your cells, the more fragile your immune system is, and the sicker you are.

For example, if your physical body is functioning at 60% of its capacity, then this automatically indicates that your body is sick/blocked/damaged at 40% due to accumulated negative energies.

Negative energies accumulated in the physical body are often associated with: heavy metals, toxins, dead/damaged/cancerous cells, breast/butt/pacemaker implants, botox, piercings, tattoos (all tattoo inks are toxic because they contain heavy metals like iron), organ donations, in short all substances foreign to your body, etc.

Negative energies accumulated in your body: 10 power XX Coulomb

Using the pendulum, it is possible to accurately measure how many negative electro-magnetic charges are currently associated with your physical body.

Indeed, all “toxins/foreign bodies” that interfere with the proper functioning of your physical body have an energy, a frequency and a vibration.

Health therefore consists of reducing / eliminating the negative energies associated with these toxins, in order to allow your body to function at 100% of its capacities.

A perfectly functioning body performs much better and ages much more slowly.

NOTE: the result obtained indicates the quantity of negative energies accumulated in your physical body, but it does not indicate the quantity of positive energies necessary for its regeneration. Purifying and regenerating your body are two different processes. Purifying your body can lead to its self-healing, but it does not necessarily lead to its regeneration (reconstruction) which requires much more positive energy (electrons).


The negative energies accumulated in your physical body mainly come from environmental toxins (toxic food, toxic air, chemicals, etc.).

But over the years, I have also observed that the intoxication of your physical body comes in part from an overloaded karmic body.

Indeed, when your karmic body overflows, it is your physical body which takes over and serves as storage thanks to its capacity for “somatization”.

NOTE: out of the thousands of assessments that I have been able to do, I have noticed that the physical body stores much more negative energies than all the other subtle bodies combined (soul). Indeed, the body is the atomic/energetic condensation of the soul. In other words, matter (the body) is extremely concentrated in energy, and therefore its capacity for somatization is immense.

But this also means that all the EVIL that you do, or that you suffer, generates karma (storage in your karmic body), but that it also “hurts” your physical body, because your cells will “store/somatize” the associated negative energies.

The problem is that this storage of negative energy will gradually disrupt the proper functioning of the cells of your physical body and cause autoimmune diseases (self-destruction of the physical body).

From the point of view of an exorcist, all pain, illnesses, cancers, tumors, metabolic dysfunctions, autoimmune diseases, inflammations, etc., are in reality only symptoms of cells that no longer function properly, due to an accumulation of negative energies (somatization of EVIL).

NOTE: This is a personal view, which does not represent the absolute truth. It is essential to consult your doctor regarding health matters, and strictly follow his advice and medical treatment.

For example, this explains why some people develop cancer/tumor within a few months after psychological/emotional trauma, because their physical body has somatized/stored the negative energy associated with this traumatic event.

We also speak of “turbo cancer” when the physical body is exposed to an extremely toxic/radioactive substance.

Obviously, when your physical body reaches its storage/somatization limit, it becomes ill and dies.

Everyone will say that you died of this or that illness, when the root cause is an overloaded karmic body, which has overflowed into your physical body (somatization).

And in the end, after years of exorcism, my personal conclusion (which is not an absolute truth) is that aging and death are caused mainly by your karma, but also by your karmic links.

Indeed, purging your karma alone is not enough, because your karmic body will balance (fill) again with the karma of the souls to which you are linked (principle of communicating vessel).

In other words, if you want to live a long and healthy life, you should be extremely vigilant about your thoughts and emotions, but ESPECIALLY think about the consequence (karma) of your words and actions, before speaking or acting.

And finally, you should be “friends” with everyone, without forming ANY special relationship (karmic connection).

So here are definitely the secrets to longevity.

Interpretations of your result

Below 10 p 50 , we can say that your body is pure, and you can say thank you, either to your parents who avoided as many toxins as possible during your childhood and adolescence, or to your energy specialist for the effective work of purification that he has done on you.

Between 10 p 50 and 10 p 250 , your body is not very toxic, and you are privileged, because you have avoided the vast majority of pollutants existing in this world.

Between 10 p 300 and 10 p 400 , you are within the “norms”, that is to say that like the majority of people, your body is poisoned because you have been exposed to the majority of pollutants in our world: heavy metals, chlorinated tap water, toxins in kitchen utensils, plastic particles in bottles, industrial products containing all kinds of chemical substances (the so-called E), etc.

Beyond 10 p 400 , your body is heavily intoxicated, more than normal. Usually, this does not come from diet, but rather from toxic chemicals, which have been ingested on a regular basis over several years.

This can be daily medications like the contraceptive pill, toxic medications that have been the subject of health scandals like the pick, heavy medical treatments like chemotherapy, immunosuppressants to avoid organ rejection before a transplant, antidepressants and anxiolytics, or quite simply the abuse of paracetamol (doliprane, etc.) which in overdose (or too frequent use) causes liver damage.

NOTE: consult your doctor or pharmacist to avoid poisoning by self-medication or overdose.

I have also had other cases of clients such as technicians working in factories handling chemicals, construction site workers who constantly breathe cement particles, medical imaging technicians handling x-rays daily (even a very small dose can cause long-term problems), and even a client living in a country where the air is extremely polluted due to forest fires.

Your purity rate: XX%

For years, I relied on vibrational frequency to check my energetic and spiritual evolution, and that of my clients. Except that the vibrational frequency, which is measured in Bovis Unit (BU), only represents your level of consciousness.

NOTE: we no longer do this frequency measurement, because it is not representative of the energetic and spiritual state of a soul.

Indeed, surprisingly, a vampire soul, suffering, sick, sometimes has a higher level of consciousness than normal, because its acute suffering will force it to be present, conscious, attentive, to its state of unease, in order to to act to get out of it.

The problem is that being very conscious (high vibrational frequency) does not necessarily mean having the knowledge, that is to say, KNOWING what to do to get through it and evolve.

For example, we have very spiritual clients, who are extremely aware of their discomfort/illness/vampirization, but yet, who do not know what to do to get out of it.

Furthermore, these same clients often no longer have any energy to act and change their destiny. They therefore remain very aware of their discomfort, which unfortunately worsens over time, until their death.

This is the reason why I abandoned the measurement of frequency, to base myself on the vibrational level in order to check my evolution and that of my clients.

The vibrational level, which is measured as a percentage, allows you to know what part of shadow and light you harbor in your soul. It therefore refers to your level of consciousness, but also to your energy level (intensity of your aura).

Except that here too, even if this measurement of the vibrational level is much more reliable than that of the vibrational frequency, this measurement is very fluctuating.

For example, it varies depending on where you are. If you go to the countryside, to the forest, or to the sea in the sun, your vibration level instantly increases and you feel better.

Conversely, if you go to a supermarket or an enclosed place with a lot of people, your vibration level can drop significantly, and you feel bad, to the point of causing symptoms such as anxiety, social phobia, agoraphobia, social anxiety, shyness, etc.

In the same way, if your mood becomes negative because of the news on television, bad news you received, a toxic encounter, etc., your vibration level can quickly drop.

This is the reason why, from now on, we base ourselves on the purity rate to measure your energetic and spiritual evolution (this is the measurement that I will do before/after your exorcism treatment to check your overall evolution).

Indeed, the purity rate encompasses the energetic state of your entire being, that is to say the state of your physical body and your soul (your 6 subtle bodies).

The result is very simple… the more negative energy (Coulomb) there is accumulated in your physical body and your soul, the more your purity level decreases (in general, the more time passes, the more negative energy you accumulate , and the lower your purity rate).

On the other hand, the more you purify your physical body and your soul, the more your purity level increases.

NOTE: beware of pitfalls, such as food fasts, low-calorie diets, or even veganism, which are tools to be handled with caution because they can reduce your purity level, by reducing your energy metabolism. In other words, by eating less, in quantity and quality, your entire being has less energy to detoxify.

The purity rate measurement therefore does not fluctuate depending on your mood, nor where you live, nor your environment, because the accumulation of negative energy takes time...

It is therefore a good measure that is very representative of your energetic and spiritual level.

NOTE: In truth, your purity level also fluctuates, but it is a very slow evolution. Obviously, if your mood is often negative, and if you live in a toxic environment, your purity level will decrease more quickly over the years, while your vibration level can fluctuate in a matter of seconds. In summary, the purity level fluctuates over the years, and the vibration level fluctuates throughout the day.

NOTE 2: Many very spiritual customers are often shocked to discover their low purity levels. You must understand that the purity level encompasses your entire being, body and soul. For example, you can be a very beautiful, pure, spiritual soul, and yet have a body loaded with toxins (black energy) because of a toxic diet (no one escapes it today), polluted air that you breathe (air conditioning, city exhaust fumes, etc.). Conversely, you can have a body in very good condition, purified thanks to a healthy diet, regular physical activity, a regenerating natural living space, etc., and still have an extremely toxic soul (heavy karma, numerous karmic links, etc. ). So understand that the purity rate is a global measurement, which allows you to follow your overall evolution, because sooner or later, the purity of your soul and your body come together and harmonize at the same level, because your body and your soul are linked.

NOTE 3: In other ebooks / training courses, I also talk about measuring the rate of toxicity / suffering. You should know that the purity rate is directly related to the toxicity / suffering rate. For example, if your purity rate is 40%, then your toxicity / suffering rate is 60%.

Interpretations of your result

Between 75 and 100% purity , you are clearly an extraordinary human being (a chosen one?), and your conscious parents surely have something to do with it, having done everything to protect you from the toxicity of this world (I don't I've never met a human being with this level of purity, but I know there are some).

Between 50 and 75% , you are a rare human being who is strongly interested in your purity of body and soul, and above all you use effective tools to purify/regenerate yourself, at all levels. At this level, you feel very good in your head and in your body.

Between 25 and 50% , you are a "normal" human being, like the majority of people who live on a planet Earth polluted at all levels (pollution of water, air, soil, food, but also audio-visual, electro-magnetic pollution, and finally pollution of true mental and spiritual knowledge).

Below 25% , you are a human being who has been exposed to a lot of suffering and toxicity, which unfortunately has had a strong impact on your body and your soul.

Personal note

By reading your report, and adapting the results based on your measurements, it is easy to spot what is the root cause of all your problems.

Reread your assessment carefully and check if this comes from:

- too much personal karma
- many karmic links
- a toxic living environment
- a body with too many toxins

For the majority of people, their suffering is multifactorial, that is to say it comes from a little bit of all of these things at the same time.

For some people, the blockage may come from a single dominant factor, such as an excess of karmic ties, or simply from a toxic living environment.

In any case, the energy treatment that you are going to order will do you the greatest good, but understand that it does not exempt you from doing a lot of personal work in all areas of life.

And the most important spiritual work for the majority of us is to have a social posture, a relational behavior, which does not generate any karma with others. This is definitely the most difficult, but it is the key to your liberation (zero karmic bonds = spiritual liberation).

NOTE: Purity level is the most reliable indicator of your suffering. Below 50%, your soul suffers. Above 50%, your soul is happy. Obviously, the closer you are to 0%, the more you suffer, the closer you are to 100%, the happier you are.


Price for a complete purification of your soul (6 subtle bodies + karmic links) : ON DONATION

1) My goal is 100% customer satisfaction. I therefore offer you a “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. In other words, I will refund you in full, no questions asked, if you don't notice any concrete change in your inner well-being.

2) This soul treatment will purify your soul and your karmic ties, but it will NOT cut your karmic ties taking root in the material world (marriage contract, real estate ownership, inheritance, business association, etc.).

So, after this treatment, you will definitely feel much better, but if you still have karmic links in the material world, then you will still notice new negative disturbances after a few hours/days/weeks/months. Indeed, your remaining karmic links will seek to manifest themselves (principle of communicating vessels), by calling you, wanting to meet you, creating a new conflict, generating new discomfort in you (for no apparent reason), etc. We will therefore have to be vigilant in order to understand which person / company / association / contract is causing these new disruptions. It is then up to you to free yourself from your last chains, or not.

3) Before ordering, you understand perfectly that this treatment will lead to spiritual evolution, and therefore an increase in your personal vibration. You therefore understand that you will no longer necessarily feel aligned with the life you currently lead, which corresponds to your current vibration. It is therefore possible that you no longer feel in harmony with your friends, your wife, your husband, your job, your hobbies, the sport you practice, the place where you live, etc.

This vibrational evolution (spiritual awakening) can sometimes be destabilizing for the person who does not expect it, so I prefer to warn you, in case you wish to maintain exactly the same life, the same comfort zone, as today .

Price for purification of your house : ON DONATION

UPDATE: Previously, I refrained from purifying common living spaces, such as buildings, terraced houses, because as I have already explained in this review, you share the karma of the other tenants / owners (the evil entities on others circulate freely throughout the entire building).

But from now on, you can also order a purification of your living space, whatever it may be: individual house, terraced houses, building, etc.

On the other hand, you understand perfectly that the purification of your living space will be imperfect, because in addition to not controlling the karma of other tenants/owners (if you live in a common building), I do not control many geobiological factors such as as: electromagnetic pollution (nearby cell towers, electronic devices in the house, wifi), original negative vortices (which cannot be moved), radon soil pollution, groundwater, faults in the electrical system which can disrupt the electro-magnetic field of the place, a lack of ventilation/sunshine, distance from terrestrial magnetism (if you live on the upper floor of a building), etc.

Price for a purification of your physical body : ON DONATION

The philosopher Plato said more than 2000 years ago: “We must not treat the body separated from the soul, and for the mind and body to regain health, we must begin by treating the soul. Because it is a fundamental error of today's doctors: to separate the soul and the body from the outset. ".

In other words, you must purify your soul before wanting to purify your physical body, otherwise, your physical body would accumulate as much negative energy as you have karma (principle of communicating vessels).

This is why you can also order the purification of your physical body, because this is the ideal time to do it.

On the other hand, be careful! Here are several very important points…

You fully understand that purifying your physical body will NOT eliminate heavy metals or any other toxins present in your cells, but only the negative energies associated with them. It is only then that your body will be able to eliminate them on its own thanks to your emunctory organs (intestines, liver, skin, kidneys, etc.).

Indeed, toxins, heavy metal particles, etc., are always associated with energy, frequency and vibration (Nikola Tesla's law: EVERYTHING is energy). And your body can eliminate these toxins/heavy metals, ONLY after neutralizing their negative energy (which this purification treatment will do).

But you understand perfectly that the elimination capacity which will follow, does NOT depend on our care, but on the health of your own emunctories (intestines, liver, skin, kidneys, etc.), and therefore on your lifestyle. If you are sedentary, if you eat junk food, if you breathe poorly, if you live in a toxic place, if you take “toxic” products, etc., then your toxins will not move from your body, even if you have received a purification of their energy.

In other words, purifying your physical body will NOT heal you, but only instantly purify the negative energies associated with toxins from your physical body. If there is healing of the physical body subsequently, in no case can this be attributed to our energetic care, it is only your physical body which heals itself, but on the sole condition that you maintain it a minimum through a healthy lifestyle (slow walking in Nature, healthy eating, slow and silent breathing, reduction of environmental stress, moderate physical activity, etc.).

In summary, this physical body purification treatment will neutralize the negative energies/vibrations associated with toxins, which will allow your body to eliminate them, but this treatment does not eliminate them directly, it is your body which does it by depending on the health of your own emunctory organs, and therefore your lifestyle.

In conclusion

Your donation allows you to obtain energy treatment for:

- purification of your soul (6 subtle bodies + chakras + karmic links)

- the purification of your living space (memories of the place)

- purification of your physical body (energy associated with toxins)

You have a “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. I will refund your money if you don't feel any benefit.

Payment is made at the end of this review, but I invite you to first read the FAQ section below before ordering.


Energy is free and unlimited, why do you have to pay for your care?

Because the positive energy I sell (accumulated electrons) is extremely rare, and the demand is extremely high! This therefore creates a paid service, which is very expensive.

All therapists will tell you that energy is unlimited and free in the universe, and they will invoke this same unlimited energy to free you, during a treatment costing €30-60.

This is also what I thought before, except that after years of experience, I have seen that energy is only potentially unlimited, but in truth, it is NOT unlimited, in any case , not currently on planet Earth.

To convince yourself of this, I invite you to invoke this supposedly unlimited energy of the universe. Do it all day, every day, every year, and see if it frees you from EVIL and heals you. You will unfortunately find that NO.

The energy, which I sell, in the form of free electrons, is extremely rare on our planet, a planet which has never been so plundered and polluted.

Additionally, I am not a religious person, I am not supported by any religious system, and I am not an investor, so I do not receive any passive income from a financial egregore.

So I live from my work.

But if you are looking for a free exorcism treatment, I invite you to contact a Catholic priest, a monk or even an energetician who works for free.

Are you going to fight the demon that is disturbing me like Christian priests do?


For years, I "fought" evil entities with all kinds of tools: incense, candle, cross, symbol, prayers, semi-precious stones, coarse salt, etc.

And although it may seem impressive, such an exorcism is not sustainable.

So yes, there can be temporary relief, but the individual is not freed from EVIL, and he is still vampirized (this is perfectly verified with a pendulum).

Over time, I discovered that there is a much more effective strategy than confronting demons, it is simply a matter of closing the doors through which they pass, that is to say, breaking all your karmic ties, nothing more, nothing less.

So, no, I no longer face evil entities, because they are invincible, on the other hand, yes, I cut the karmic bonds through which they enter and exit.

During my treatment, there are therefore no “spectacular” symptoms as we can see in reports of Christian exorcisms.

A shaman offers me a shamanic trance to free me from my demons, what do you think?
When I was younger, I personally tried everything to get out of it, and all my negative experiences (which didn't work) had at least the merit of gradually moving me towards the right solution (the one that worked). Really).

So if you trust this shaman, try it. If it works, great, if it doesn't, then you look for another solution, it's as simple as that.

I regularly have attacks of anger and jealousy, am I a vampire?

All forms of “crisis” are nothing more and nothing less than the manifestation of evil entities that disturb your soul.

Anger, sadness, depression, jealousy, excitement, euphoria, fear, disgust, etc., all these emotions can turn into an “acute crisis”.

The weakly vampirized individual will have small seizures, which will last a few minutes, then he will return to his normal state.

On the other hand, the more vampirized you are, the lower your vibration level, the longer these crises will last, until they become permanent.

For example, the normal individual will have a tantrum for 1 minute, then he will calm down.

For bipolar people, this will last from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the severity of the bipolarity.

For the schizophrenic, this can last several hours to several days, depending on the severity of the schizophrenia.

NOTE: some people, so-called normal, can spend days in a negative state, because of a conflict in their relationship, at work, etc. They are in truth controlled by evil entities who voluntarily generate this negative state in order to feed on it.

And then, for the person we call “crazy,” anger or depression becomes a permanent state. I am sure that you have already encountered “crazy people” in the street, with a dominant emotion, which seems “blocked” in their head. This emotion goes on a loop, never stopping, unless the individual takes powerful medications (or drugs), which will stop the symptom, but obviously will not cure the root cause.

What is the root cause?

Well, one or more evil entities that use the emotion of anger or depression to disrupt/control/possess the individual.

In the end, there is no difference between the normal individual and the "crazy", they are both vampirized, but at different levels. At any time, depending on the sometimes violent circumstances of life, the normal individual can fall into darkness.

Moreover, the current crises in the world (war, pandemic, bankruptcy, unemployment, etc.), organized by EVIL, aim to push the entire population into darkness (vibration level below 50% ).

I don't have money for treatment, what can I do to free myself?

Take a few days to look at your life.

List all your karmic links, all your toxic links that generate stress and anxiety.

Your job stresses you out, write it down.

A call with your mother makes you tired, write it down.

Your financial credit is causing anxiety, take note.

Your spouse is making your life hell, take note.

You suffered a lot from a former romantic relationship, note that.

Your porn/alcohol/cannabis/screen addiction is making you suffer, take note.

Once you have a list of everything that causes you suffering, everything that breeds EVIL within you, do everything you can to break all your karmic ties.

Return to a minimalist, simple, refined life.

This requires considerable effort that unfortunately the majority of people will not make.

Then, get closer to Nature, spend time there, at the sea, in the forest, in the mountains, because these natural places are rich in positive energy (free electrons), and they will help you purify negative energies. that weigh on you.

Also pray to the “energies of light” to free you from EVIL.

For example, pray: “To all the Energies of Light around me, thank you for purifying me.”

The more you simplify/lighten/purify your life, your soul, the better you will feel.

Be careful, don't fall into the trap of withdrawing completely from the world. You must live in the world, without being of the world. You must be friends with everyone, without having any particular friends. You must get along with your entire family, without maintaining special relationships. You must free yourself from all credits/debts, while continuing to work to eat and pay your daily expenses.

I admit, it becomes more and more difficult in an increasingly toxic society, but this is the spiritual challenge of your life, living righteously in a twisted world.

Does my diet play a role in my vampirization?

Yes, absolutely, it is a very important factor whose many pitfalls must be avoided.

- do not follow any low-calorie diet, but eat your fill, in quantity and quality, because you need energy, a lot of energy, to keep evil entities at bay thanks to a powerful aura

- do not follow any food fast, do not skip any meal, because this opens the door wide to evil entities (we understand here why poor countries are more vampiric than developed countries)

- do not follow any restrictive diet, and especially not veganism/vegetarianism, because meat is the most powerful food to chase away evil entities (the fresher and better the meat, the better).

- avoid industrial products as much as possible because they are loaded with chemicals (black energy) which weaken your soul and your physical body

- eat enough unrefined sea salt with each meal, because salt is a very powerful purifier (salt-free diets open the door to evil entities)

From experience, all my clients who follow, or have followed, bizarre diets (low-calorie, vegan, vegetarian, salt-free, fasting, etc.) are the most vampiric, and have great difficulty maintaining a good vibrational level, because they have ruined their mineral capital, and minerals are the elements necessary to produce a powerful electromagnetic field around your physical body.

In other words, your energy circulates in your being thanks to your minerals, except that if you have ruined your mineral capital, your energy capacity is automatically reduced.

In short, minerals, and therefore your diet, are your defense capital against evil entities.

What does spiritual awakening, paradise, the ultimate liberation that all the masters talk about?
Liberation corresponds to the total purging of your karma, and therefore necessarily, the breaking of all your karmic links.

If you purify all your karma, and break all your karmic bonds, then you are FREE.

If you retain even a single karmic link, you are still a prisoner of the matrix, of the system, of evil entities, and therefore of EVIL.

How to cut a karmic link?

First, we must recognize a karmic connection.

Simply list all the people/groups who have made you, or still make you suffer (as a reminder, suffering corresponds in the invisible to a loss of energy).

In other words, list all the people/groups who have made you lose energy.

But also list all the people / groups that you make suffer / that you have made suffer, and from whom YOU have made them lose energy.

Second, you must recognize your ego role in this karmic connection.

To do this, we use the Karpman triangle, with the toxic roles of the ego: savior, executioner, victim.

Now list all the people/groups, where you have been/still are a savior, victim or tormentor.

Take a few days, and write down all these people/groups. You should get a fairly large list.

Now, you take each line from your list, and you will “cut” the karmic link, that is, you will take an upright posture towards this relationship.

What is an upright posture?

Well, it's a posture, NEITHER of savior, NOR of executioner, NOR of victim.

This obviously involves ending certain relationships, certain contracts, certain associations, etc.

For certain relationships that cannot be avoided, such as with family, it is not a question of no longer being around them, but of acting outside of the Karpman triangle.

This means saying STOP if you are being used as a victim (or physically severing the relationship if your family refuses to stop victimizing you).

This means to stop devaluing/criticizing others (or asking for forgiveness if you do, or have done so).

It also means to stop wanting to save your family, your children, your parents, your brothers and sisters, and everyone else. Everyone is free to determine their destiny.

NOTE: if you have children, especially young ones, the nuance between “saving” your children and “raising” your children is very subtle. You are not asked to save your children, but simply to protect them and educate them so that they know how to protect themselves from EVIL later. This involves teaching certain essential values ​​and knowledge to avoid falling into the many traps of EVIL that lurk around children, adolescents and young adults.

One thing is certain, the greater your suffering, the faster you will act to break your karmic bonds, except for certain people who prefer to remain victims / executioners / saviors all their lives.

How do you purify so much negative energy?

I use several techniques.

For example, I have around 100 kilos of rock crystal, large blocks of transparent stone.

This is quartz, whose light/energy storage properties are known, since for example, the IT industry now uses it to manufacture the latest generation hard drives.

I place these stones in Nature, exposed to the sun, near a huge tree, and sometimes in a (dynamic) stream. Over the days, the stones recharge with energy (electrons). This is perfectly measured with a pendulum.

Once recharged, I say a special prayer to direct the energy accumulated in the stones towards my client. For example, if the stones have accumulated 100 coulombs of electrons, then the prayer will neutralize 100 coulombs of positrons (the antiparticle of the electron).

But be careful, this is one technique among many others, do not go investing in 100 kilos of rock crystal hoping to purify yourself, because it is the accumulation of techniques which allows the storage of a greater amount of positive energy.

In any case, producing and storing positive energy (electrons) requires a lot of time (prayers), which also explains its rarity (who still prays several hours a day? Even religious people have lost their faith) .

How do I maintain the purification of my home?

You need to bring more Nature into your home, because Nature is charged with positive energy (negative ions).

- Bring in more Sun

- Open your windows to let in fresh air

- Put more (depolluting) plants

- Burn sage

- Clean your floors with coarse salt diluted in water (avoid chemicals)


I am schizophrenic, and several demons are disturbing me, will your treatment cure me?

First, please understand that I am not a doctor, I do not treat or cure anyone. So please consult your doctor and follow his medical treatment.

I am an exorcist and I perform a prayer which aims to send positive energy towards your invisible structure (soul). This supply of energy can promote your self-healing, but in no case can we attribute your healing to our exorcism treatment. It’s your body and mind healing themselves, aided by the energy sent.

Regardless, in general, a schizophrenic client is always vampirized by several evil entities, often evil entities from the lower astral, particularly violent and crude (i.e. they do not hide, compared to evil entities from the high astral who prefer to remain discreet).

To remove these demons, you must close the doors through which they pass, and therefore cut your karmic ties.

But often, you also have to move, because very often, the place where schizophrenics live is very toxic (relay antenna, old place charged with karma, etc.).

I have also observed that schizophrenics have a diet heavily based on industrial sugar, with very little animal protein (red meat).

In short, you must act on several factors to completely free yourself from these demons that take possession of your body and your mind.

I have cancer, can your treatment help me cure it?

Once again, our treatment does not cure anything, you must consult a doctor regarding your health.

On the other hand, as a great sage said, cancer of the body is the symptom of cancer of the soul.

In other words, cancer is a mass of cells, the majority of atoms of which are positively polarized (energy-stealing positive ions).

As a reminder, a single cell is made up of 1000 billion atoms. So if more than 50% of your atoms are positively polarized (energy-stealing positive ions), then the cell becomes cancerous.

In other words, a person who suffers from cancer always has a vibration level below 49%.

From the point of view of exorcism, it is therefore necessary to purge your karma, cut your karmic ties, and purify your place of life, in order to increase your vibration level above 50%, and then, this can promote your self- healing.

But understand that it is not the exorcism treatment that heals, but the increase in your vibration level which can promote your self-healing.

In all cases, consult your doctor in case of cancer and strictly follow his advice and medical treatment.

Does fasting increase purity levels?

Yes and no.

So yes, fasting has a purifying effect, thanks to autophagy which will cleanse your body of old cells and toxins, which can increase the purity of your body (if it is done well).

But in the medium/long term, food fasting can also reduce your energy metabolism, that is to say your overall energy (during fasting, your mineral capital decreases significantly, because it is used to detoxify).

And with less energy, your body purifies less well, and above all your aura becomes fragile, leaving the door open to evil entities who will enter your soul more easily.

The secret to purity is therefore not food fasting, or veganism, or even diet, it rather lies in purifying your karma, and cutting your karmic ties.

As Jesus once said, the problem is not what goes into your mouth (food), but what comes out (your words that can kill or heal a person, including you if you have bad words about yourself) .

From my point of view, I advise you rather to have a sufficient and balanced diet, being especially careful not to cause suffering, for yourself and for others.

Will you give me another check-up after the treatment to see my progress?

No, because that would not be representative of your development.

Indeed, after your prayer, there will be a period of stabilization which lasts a few weeks.

Your results will balance out depending on the people and places you frequent, but also on your remaining karmic links (effect of communicating vessels).

Therefore, it is preferable to wait around 1 month to order a new energy and spiritual assessment.

I am interested, how will the treatment take place?

After your order, you will receive an email with the protocol to follow.

As soon as you have sent the necessary information for the prayer, I will carry out your exorcism treatment as soon as possible.

On the other hand, be careful, understand that there will be no phone call, no appointment, no debriefing, no meditation posture to take, no prayer to recite, no hypnotic video to watch, etc.

The energy treatment will act at a distance, in the invisible world, without you paying attention to it. Moreover, it is even better that you do not expect it, because the majority of people who are too mentally controlled expect the effects of the treatment so much that they completely block the process.

The prayer lasts only a few minutes for me, because it is a prayer that will direct all the positive energy that I would have previously accumulated and stored during several hours/days/weeks/months of prayer.

If you are very aware of your body, you will know exactly when the prayer will be said, because you will feel a very pleasant electric current running through your body, passing along the spine, circulating in all your energy centers (chakras). It is neither more nor less than positive energy which will purify your body and your soul.

On the other hand, if I do not provide any telephone support, I am only available by e-mail, so you can ask me all your questions, and share your feelings, etc. I usually respond very quickly.

Are your measurements very precise?


But they give an exact trend.

Let’s take a few examples…

If I tell you that your vibrational level, or even your level of physical health, or even that your purity level, is at 50%. The result may vary by plus or minus 10 points. In other words, your result is precisely between 40 and 60%.

But your result will not be 20% or 80%.

Another example…

If I give you a Coulomb quantity of negative energy of 10 to the power 30 (10 p 30). The result may vary by plus or minus 10 points. In other words, the result is precisely between 10 p 20 and 10 p 40.

But your result will not be 10 p 6 (a million) or 10 p 80.

It is very difficult to obtain extremely precise results with orders of magnitude (10th power), but the trends are always accurate.

In addition, to obtain the most reliable results possible, this assessment is verified by my energy assistant, who uses a different protocol.

I have another question, can I speak to you on the phone?

Unfortunately, I no longer do phone support, as hundreds of people want to talk to me every day. Not being a robot, and no longer able to satisfy the high demand, I now prefer to answer questions only by e-mail. So I can respond to everyone, and everyone is happy.

If you have any questions, you can send me an email here:

I understand everything, how to order?

To order, please respond to my email in which I sent you your report, specifying the amount of the donation you wish to make to receive the following energy treatments:

1) complete purification of the soul (6 subtle bodies: energy, emotions, thoughts, karma, beliefs, subconscious)

2) complete purification of karmic links (as a reminder, this treatment cleanses all negative energies linked to your karmic links, but it does not cut your karmic links anchored in matter)

3) complete purification of your physical body (as a reminder, this treatment purifies the negative energies associated with toxins in your body, which promotes their elimination, but this treatment does not eliminate the toxins themselves, only your body and your life style can do it)

4) complete purification of your house / apartment (as a reminder, this treatment will not clean the negative energies generated by surrounding electromagnetic pollution, such as relay antennas or wifi, but only what we call the memory of the walls )

As a reminder, I will refund you in full, no questions asked, if you do not feel better after your complete treatment.