On the 1st of every month, we pray to purify your soul of all negative energies...

Loris Vitry et Cathy Maillot

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My name is Loris Vitry and I am an energy healer (magnetizer).

With Cathy Maillot, osteopath and energy healer, we want to contribute to the spiritual awakening of humanity.

But we know that to raise the vibration of the world, everyone must first raise their own vibration.

This is why we have decided to offer you a completely free remote energy healing session.

Every 1st of each month, we will perform a (non-religious) healing prayer to purify your soul-consciousness of all the negative energies that block your inner light, and therefore your happiness.

In truth, the light and happiness are already within you, we are just going to pray to help you clear the darkness and the suffering that is above.

What is a remote energy healing?

A distance energy healing is more commonly called a prayer.

You can give energy healing to yourself (prayer for yourself), but you can also receive energy healing (prayer) from another person.

Why call on an energy healer?

Sometimes our own prayers are not enough to enlighten us.

Calling on a professional, whether a priest or an energy healer, simply allows you to receive more light in your life.

In reality, everyone is an energy healer because everyone can pray.

Except that in general, an energy healer has a much higher vibrational level than normal because he has already purified his soul for many years.

This then gives his prayers much more force and power.

NOTE: with a dowsing pendulum, it is possible to measure the vibratory level of a person in order to judge his authority in the invisible world.

How can a prayer change the world?

Many scientific experiments have been performed to prove the power of prayer or meditation.

For example, in the United States, they have set up prayer and meditation groups in several cities.

After a year, they found a -25% reduction in crime, a reduction in admissions for psychiatric problems, a reduction in road accidents, and many other surprising benefits for the population.

Did prayer and meditation change the world?

No, prayer and meditation are only tools to increase your vibrational level, and therefore your inner happiness.

But one thing is certain, praying has the power to change your destiny and that of the world, hence the interest of praying for yourself, but also of receiving prayers from an outside person.

What will this energy healing bring me concretely?

Concretely, our prayer will cleanse all your invisible subtle bodies in order to increase your vibratory level (verifiable with a pendulum).

Here are some benefits:

1) Relaxation of your physical body, the visible part of your being

2) Recharge your energy body where your fatigue and your feeling of heaviness are lodged

3) Liberation of your emotional body where your negative emotions are housed

4) Unblocking your mental body where your obsessive negative thoughts are housed

5) Purging your karmic body where your past negative actions are recorded

6) Purification of your consciousness where sometimes hide "evil entities" who vampirize your soul

7) Reconnection of your being with Life, with GOD, and with your divine nature

In short, this remote energy healing will purify and reharmonize all the parts of your being, which will allow you to be happier and at peace in your daily life.

Does it really work remotely?

In the visible world, we are separated and distant by a more or less large space-time. I am here and you are there.

Except that in the invisible world, we are interconnected and the space-time is totally different.

In other words, whether you are in front of me, or on the other side of the Earth, makes no difference for energy healing.

The benefits are exactly the same.

How do you make money if you offer free session?

We are professional energy healers and we also offer many paid services: daily energy healing sessions, a complete energy and spiritual report of your soul-consciousness, online video training, personalized coaching, etc.

This free monthly energy healing session is our contribution to the spiritual awakening of humanity.

There is therefore no obligation to purchase. You are free to take advantage of this free service only.

And if you want to thank us, then just share this website to your friends on your social networks.

Can I register people other than myself?

In the energetic and spiritual world, there is a very strict rule: never intervene without the authorization of a person.

For example, we could have prayed for everyone, without asking them anything, except that this is contrary to divine laws which advocate free will, the freedom to choose.

Indeed, to pray for a person who has not asked for anything is like wanting to manipulating his destiny, to controlling his life. This is forbidden by GOD who is the only one who can do it.

This is why we created this website to present our proposal, but everyone is free to choose.

Do not register all your family and all your friends, unless you have their agreement.

Also ask your children if they agree to receive a prayer (respect their choice if they tell you that they do not want to).

Which GOD are you going to pray to?

For us, there is only one and only Almighty GOD, the creator of all the universe, the Source of all life.

It is this Universal GOD, without name and without form, beyond all dogmas and all religions, that we are going to pray.

So yes, there are also many gods, goddesses, saints, gurus, but we do not pray to them, because we prefer to speak directly to the First Source, and not to intermediaries.

We therefore do not use any protocols such as Reiki, Lahochi, AccessBars, Padre Pio, Violet Flame, etc., because they all invoke intermediaries.

But this is only our personal opinion, you are free to choose the protocol that suits you best.

May I know the prayer you are going to recite in my name?

Yes of course, it is very simple...

"Lord GOD Almighty,
Thank you for raising the vibrational level of XYZ,
Please send all your light to XYZ,
Thank you Lord GOD Almighty.

Besides, I advise you to recite this prayer for yourself right now.

Recite it as many times as necessary until you feel good inside.

"Lord GOD Almighty,
Thank you for raising my vibrational level,
Thank you for sending me all your light,
Thank you Lord GOD Almighty.

Will praying get me out of suffering?

Prayer is the first step on the path to spiritual awakening because it will allow you to see more clearly in your life.

But the second step is to understand the universal law of karma which should be taught to every child from an early age.

"Every action leads to a reaction of the same intensity"

This means that all your current suffering is caused by your actions and decisions from the past (sometimes even from another lifetime).

All the EVIL you have caused, all the sins you have committed, EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING, has been recorded in your causal body (karmic body that you retain through each reincarnation).

Your goal in life is therefore simply to purge your karma, without creating new ones.

If you purge all your karma, then it is the ultimate spiritual awakening and the end of reincarnations.

Otherwise, depending on the weight of your karma, you will either reincarnate into a more peaceful life (if you have done good) or into a life of greater suffering (if you have done evil).

And to purge your karma, it is enough simply to ask GOD FORGIVENESS for the EVIL you have created. As simple as that...

And in general, you know precisely what your karma is, since it appears to you regularly in the form of flashes, thoughts, emotions or dreams.

Thus, our energy healing sessions will also help you to see much more clearly in your karma in order to purge it much more quickly.

When your karmic body is "empty", you will realize how heavy a burden you have been carrying for too many years, sometimes even for several lifetimes.

Does it really work?

To be honest, it only works on one out of two people.

50% of people feel absolutely nothing, but the other 50% feel a lot of benefits.

It depends on your receptivity to our care, but above all on your desire for development. If you subscribe to our prayers without really wanting to evolve positively, then you will not feel anything.

On the other hand, if you are a spiritual seeker, then you will evolve very quickly.

Anyway, you have nothing to lose since you can benefit from a free energy treatment, every 1st of each month.


Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we no longer offer the free monthly energy treatment.

On the other hand, you can subscribe to our paying energy treatments to receive a daily mini energy treatment.

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